A New Adventure Starts

So I’m about to embark on a new adventure. I start job hunting again today. After almost six years of staying cooped within my tiny work cubicle, I’m moving out of what has become my comfort zone to a world that, over the years, has become a stranger to me.

They asked me why I was leaving, and the only answer I can give was that I want to explore my world. And exploring it is exactly what I have in mind. I want to try something new, something foreign to me. I felt that I stagnated over the five years I stayed and somehow lost the “me” that always longed for adventure. I settled for the occasional outbursts of energy when I used to be a bundle of electricity, ready to zoom around at any given time. Now I got my mojo back and I couldn’t wait to start going around the corporate world again.

New life, new job, the old me.

Life really is good.

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