Mindset Make- over

The modern woman is smart, sassy, smooth, sexy, sultry, sophisticated, etc. Or at least, that’s how the world wants the woman to be.ย The Bible however, describes the ideal woman differently. It promotes and celebrates femininity in surprisingly different ways.

While the world teaches self- reliance, the Bible teaches interdependence. Man was created with a body stronger than a woman’s and it’s this body that the woman should lean on to when faced with bigger ordeals. The woman was created to be the softer, gentler vessel (so to speak) for the children to run to for affection and nourishment, and for the man to turn to for comfort. Each gender was perfectly fashioned to fill the other’s need.

While the world roots for corporate work, the Bible encourages housework. The holy book seems to recognize the fact that women are the more effective housekeeper. She is the economist that deals a hard bargain, the honest worker that keeps her mercy intact.

I still am trying to get my thoughts straight about this whole gender-specific roles that the Bible demands but what’s for sure is that I’m getting a much deserved make over from the philosophies I learned in school.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up with all these things in [much] better perspective. The excitement just got to me that I had to write about this right away.

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