Who, me?!

I am a Filipino living in a small northern English market town of Skipton, popularly known as the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. This has been the home of my eclectic thoughts since 2010. I’m not the most avid writer, but every now and then, I get periodic bursts of inspiration and end up producing something readable. 

I’ve convinced myself I can do art, so I’ve started dabbling in watercolours and acrylic paints. The camera is also a favourite toy.  

This blog also documents the journey I’ve decided to explore more of my faith in God. I am a Christian, one of those that literally grew up in church, but recent events have triggered heartaches, questions and doubts that demand answers, or at least an attempt at finding answers.  

LOVES: sweet, crazy dogs; the smell of grass after a refreshing downpour; the musty smell of old, old books; paper; long walks; blue; orange; hot coffee on a rainy day; spontaneity; red; paint; that old, tattered, comfy couch; stickers; new pens and pencils; notepads; talk; gibberish; tardiness; booooooks!; did I say coffee?; sketches; splotches of color on an otherwise blank canvas; good food; mint ice cream; cookie dough; Dunkin Donuts; paper place mats; miniatures; craft stuff; pistachio nuts; big hugs; sloppy kisses; Twister fries!; make up; sleep; and oh, coffee.

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